DOB: 09.01.2017


ED 0

OCD free


Spondylosis free


Dilute D/D


EOAD high confidence clear

B-Locus B/B


Ridge R/R

heart ultrasound clear

thyroid clear

correct scissor bite

full dentition

size 69 cm, weight 44 kg

without allergies

frozen semen available

Champion of Denmark

Champion of Switzerland

Champion of Slovenia

Champion Club E.L.S.A.

German Junior Champion VDH

Junior Champion DZRR

Junior Champion Club E.L.S.A.

Reserve BENELUX Winner ‘18

Ortenau-Jugendsieger 2018

Alpen-Jugendsieger 2018

VDH Frühjahres-Jugendsieger 2018

Landesjugendsieger Thüringen 2018

Bowie, oh yes, Bowie! How can I best describe him?

Bowie is a very active Ridgeback, he would love to go on walks all day and doesn’t care if it is raining or snowing or if the sun is shining. He loves all dogs, big or small, old or young, neutered or not. Bowie avoids conflict and trouble. When other dogs quarrel, he tries to deescalate the conflict in his easy-going way. He is a Ridgeback just as they are described in the breed standard: “Dignified, intelligent, aloof with strangers, but showing no aggression or shyness”.

Bowie is a passionate hunter, but also an equally enthusiastic pulling dog. He really loves to run (probably due to his name) and is happy if we put him in front of the bike or the scooter – as long as he can run. But most of all he loves running on the racing and lure coursing tracks.

At home, he is a true couch potato by contrast. You wouldn‘t even know he is there most of the time unless he needs to express his opinion that it is time for something to eat.

Dog shows are another great passion we share. For me, showing a dog is collaboration and cooperation between human and dog. The secret of a great presentation is good team work between Bowie and I and ongoing training. Seeing our training recognized and rewarded is even better. Thanks to his excellent conformation and his obvious joy about doing something with me, Bowie is quite often one of the front runners. Showing him is an absolute delight.

Conclusion: Bowie is the perfect companion in all situations and it is a pleasure to both live and work with him and present him in the show ring.

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